What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better

Founded in 1988, VAR Resources Inc. has nearly 25 years of experience enabling technology purchases through innovative financing solutions. We’ve spent every day of that time completely focused on providing leasing and financing solutions to the IT sector. It’s not just our specialty; it’s our passion. We have a unique service model that differentiates us from other leasing and financing companies. We offer:

Premier Service Model

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Our account managers will provide you with premier service to make leasing as convenient and easy as possible.

Dedicated Leasing Specialists

Since our inception, we have developed an expertise in IT Leasing and Financing. Because our leasing expertise is specifically related to technology solutions, we are able to provide you with dedicated leasing and financing assistance.

IT Channel Expertise

We have transactions with companies at the manufacturer, distributor, reseller, and end user level on a daily basis. For the last 25 years, we have closely worked throughout the IT channel. Our expertise gives us the tools to make leasing beneficial for you.

Customized Leasing Solutions

No two businesses are alike. Each one has individual challenges, specific needs, and different budgets. VAR Resources understands the need for customized solutions and we are able to create customized leasing solutions for you. We can create a flexible financing package that uses terms and payment structures based on your needs.

Comprehensive Credit Approach

Our comprehensive credit approach allows us to evaluate you through a unique process. Rather than simply viewing your commercial credit score, we look at multiple factors. Our comprehensive approach allows us to approve customers based of multiple qualifying points and avoid fraudulent transactions.