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100% Software Financing

With new network optimization technology, BYOD policies, mobility solutions and industry specific software solutions being introduced so rapidly, it’s important for resellers to provide end users with flexible options to acquire these solutions. Leasing and financing is commonly associated with hardware but VAR Resources is able to finance up to 100% software and services. That […]

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Conserving Capital and Preserving Credit Featured Image

Conserving Capital and Preserving Credit

A common phrase you may encounter when you’re exploring leasing and financing is that you can conserve your capital and preserve your credit. It sounds great, but what exactly does this phrase mean? Conservation of Capital refers to the upfront cash expenditure that you incur when you acquire technology. When you pay with cash, you […]

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3 Reasons to Offer Leasing Featured Image

3 Reasons to Offer Leasing

1. Growth – With 85% of businesses leasing/financing their technology, leasing continues to grow in popularity and use. Since the economic downtown, businesses have become more conscious of spending habits and are identifying ways to get more “bang for their buck.” Because the value in technology is usage, it makes more sense for customers to […]

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